100+ Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female in 2021

Searching for Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female? Send your best friend Female a Birthday Wish. Your best friend deserves to receive sweet and cute messages during a Female birthday.

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Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female Quotes

It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy to be special. You can just say a few small things and the rest will be taken care of.

I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope your birthday is amazing as you are my best friend!

Happy Birthday to someone I hope is my friend even when we’re too senile to remember each other’s birthdays.

Best friends are hard to come by. That’s why on this special day I wanted to let you know just how much your friendship means to me. Happy birthday my friend!

It is your birthday! Remember that researchers have said that Birthdays are good for your health and people who have more birthdays live longer. May you get more birthdays.

I didn’t know what a true friend was until I met you. You truly have saved me in every way a person can be saved…..Happy birthday!

I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends!

Happy happy birthday friend… I wish you all the best for you and more birthday to come so that I can make more fun with you.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Female

For your birthday, I’ve got you something that’s gluten-free, zero calories, and absolutely delightful. This happy birthday text message!

It is your birthday! Remember that researchers have said that Birthdays are good for your health and people who have more birthdays live longer. May you get more birthdays.

If you’ve made it past the driving age, the drinking age, and the lowering of car insurance age — you might be wondering what you have left to look forward to. The answer is birthday greetings like this one.

Here’s to another year of laughing until we pee, crying until we have snot dripping from our nose, and talking until our voice goes hoarse! Happy Birthday, my best friend! Cheers to another year older!

Knowing all your secrets never stopped me from wanting to be your friend or from getting to know you better. It should have, but it didn’t.

Happy birthday to someone I’ve known forever! You’re so lucky to have had such a wonderful, close friend like me in your life since childhood!

Birthday Wishes For Best Female Friend

Dear friend, every moment spent with you is sacred. I’m grateful to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

I am sending you all the love and happiness in the world on your birthday. Happy birthday beautiful angel…

Please, know that you are special to me, and I’ll forever cherish your stimulating and insightful coffee conversations. Have a fantastic birthday full of laughter, joy, and peace. Sending hugs and kisses.

A wish you my lovely friend that your special day becomes brighter and brighter and filled with lots of joy, laughter, and happiness.

Have a drink, a massage, the fanciest meal, and some make-up, and don’t worry about the tab because I’ll pick it for a gorgeous queen like you any day. Wishing you a truly blessed and relaxing birthday. Cheers.

Dear, I promise you a very special day with lots of fun and wonderful moments. I like you and love you as a true sister, my soul sister. Nothing can be better than knowing I have you. So, be happy and enjoy all the pleasures life gives you!

Happy Birthday my sweetest and dearest, not a day goes by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here.

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Having a best friend like you is the very best present! I wish that your special day is bright, sunny, and filled with lots of love and happiness.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

I’m sorry I can’t be with you on your special day but I will always be there for you in mind and spirit. I wish you a wonderful birthday!

With you, by my side, I know that nothing can ever bring me down happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday!

I wish I am there when you will need me that distance would not matter my friend.

God bless this special best friend of mine with all happiness and accomplishment in life I’m truly blessed to have you as my best-est buddy.

The world may throw a lot of difficulties your way, but you have always been able to weather the storms. This is what makes you a special girl. I wish you a wonderful birthday and more successful years ahead.

Happy birthday, girl. Now that you add one more year to your life, I know you would become more beautiful. I wish you more happy days of joy.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, who is better than the best of the best! may your special day be better than the best you’ve ever celebrated.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

You shine so much brightness and joy into the lives of everyone around you. Thanks for being such an amazing person and best friend, and I hope that today on your birthday some of that brightness shines right back at you!

All the years, you have been happy, exceptional, healthy, and blissful. Keep up with the energy and know you are here for a reason and a season. Happy birthday, bestie.

I never guessed when we first met that we’d become best friends or all the silly memories we’d make together! Thanks for all the fun adventures, and here’s to many more in the coming year!

I have never had such a close friend. My journey would have ended were it not for you. Celebrate your birthday knowing you have a solid friend.

Many happy returns on your birthday! I know this past year has had some tough times but I hope that the coming year brings you the good fortune you deserve. You’re a great friend and I am so thankful for your presence in my life.

Dear best Girl, I wish you the happiest and most fulfilling birthday yet. I wanted to write something awesome for this special day, but nothing is as awesome as you are.

For all the years we have been friends, you have always been perfect at sharing and caring for others. As you turn one year older, I wish you the very best in life.

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Girlfriend

May God bless you with all of the wonderful desires of your heart and bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have. Happy Birthday, dear!

From the moment you were born, we knew what love was really about. We loved you more than anything, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The bond we felt was unbreakable and instantly we knew that we would spend.

I always long for your birthday as I long for my next meal…that’s because it’s a special day to me just as it is to you. Have a Merry Birthday, Dearest.

You are the best thing that has happened in my life, and I hope you have an awesome birthday. You deserve it, my love, and I will make sure your dreams come true.

Here are a few standard wishes: love, happiness, success, health, and much more. And tonight I will wish you the very best and may all of your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

It is your birthday and you still look just like the same you did on 16, happy birthday to you.

Life is funny but a man doesn’t cry at funerals and a man doesn’t cry at all but today I did because of the love I have for my daughter. Happy birthday my little doll!

I wish you all the best on this very special day of yours, I just hope that you are happy indeed.

Birthday Wishes for a Special Female Friend

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! That’s right, one birthday wish isn’t enough for a beautiful person like you.

As a girl, you have been the sister I never had. Your kinds are rare in this world. You are a helper. Happy Birthday to you, friend.

Happy Birthday, sexy lady! I’ve got a special present for you later, but it probably won’t be much of a surprise to you.

Happy Birthday to my hot friend. The fact that you’re turning a year older today is the only thing keeping my jealousy in check.

You shall continue to reach higher heights and joy for all the impacts you have made on others. You have been a beautiful female friend for me. Have a lovely day.

I keep as a great memory inside my heart, and I will always take it there. I hope God puts in you all the happiness in the world. Congratulations friend! BLESSINGS!

The moon shines every night, and sunsets every day, may your means of livelihood continue to favor you forever.

Your greatest privilege is to be young, your great heritage is beauty, and your greatest virtue is how charming you are. Happy Birthday!

I salute your courage for this special day of your life, may your intention this day be purified for you. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

Dear friend, I know you know who I am, but I hope you get tons of wishes from all those other vain people on social media who call themselves your ‘friends’, too.

You are a very gifted person; in a race of two people, you would always be the first runner up. So, very happy birthday to you. May your talents keep shining like this always.

You see, you should not be ashamed of growing old, not only you get to play the smart guy all the time, but all antiques like you also have great value! Happy birthday old man!

During our marriage, you promised that we will share everything with me. So I bought you a very expensive makeup kit, which you can later share with me. Happy birthday, my love.

If your birthday is half as amazing as you are, it’s going to be epic. Happy birthday to the best friend a person could ask for!

On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship… and all that stuff that doesn’t cost anything.

I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends!

Happy birthday to my best friend. They say that friends have brains that are so in sync, they share the same thoughts. In our case, however, it’s probably more like we share one brain between us!

Best friends are the friends who keep your embarrassing secrets private. Thank you for always keeping my less than proud moments under wraps.

Birthday Wishes for your Female Friends

I’m truly fortunate to have you as my best friend! I hope your day will be as special as you are and may God grant all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday!

Wishing a world-class birthday to a world-class friend. I count myself lucky to have you, but you should count yourself luckier to be you. If I could go back in time, I would have met you sooner. Sending birthday hugs and kisses.

Remember that regardless of where life will take us, you’ll remain to be the best of all the friends I have. Happy birthday, girl! I miss you so much!

My most sincere birthday wishes to you, my friend. Keep growing in wisdom and stature and enjoy every good thing that life gives you. I thank the Almighty for bringing you to me, and for this wonderful friendship. See you soon.

On your special day, I just want to wish you nothing but only good health and success in your personal and academic life. Happy birthday!

Today is not just your special day, it is even mine. Because today was the day when my best friend came into this world. If it were not for today, my life wouldn’t have been half the fun it is. I owe so much to you. I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday.

You truly are an amazing person and I am certain that you will receive tons of gifts on this special day of your life. Enjoy your big day sweetie!

I never guessed when we first met that we’d become best friends or all the silly memories we’d make together! Thanks for all the fun adventures, and here’s to many more in the coming year!

Birthday Wishes For A Special Female Friend

Happy birthday, cutie pie, I pray to god that you can live all your dreams and get success at every step of your life.

Happy birthday to the prettiest and most loving woman I have ever known. Today is your special day, and my wish for you is that all your dreams come true.

This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.

I hope this day brings a lot of happiness to your doorsteps. Another year sounds so amazing for a woman who is refusing to grow old and show signs of aging.

On your birthday, I thought of giving you the cutest gift in the world. But then I realized that is not possible because you yourself are the cutest gift in the world.

Sweetheart in my every day and night you are in my dreams, I can’t expect myself without you, may bless you with a long and happy life. Happy Birthday…

No woman means more to me than you. Words cannot describe how special you are. No woman can compare to you, even some of the greatest in the history of mankind.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found a friend like you. You make every day of my life so special. It’s my goal to make sure your birthday is one of the most special days ever. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Birthday Wishes from a Woman to a Childhood Friend

Our childhood memory could never fade nor removed and not erased. Thousand years would pass. We forever remain each other’s childhood friend. Happy birthday my friend!

Happy birthday! I wanted to let you know how much I care about you and hope your day is as awesome as you are!

We used to do homework together. You mine and I yours. Those were awesome moments never blurred. Today I wish you your happy birthday with all mirth and love!

You always look ten years younger than you actually are. I hope you share your secrets with me someday. In the meantime, happy birthday!

I wish your girlfriend become mine on your birthday, not for the whole but for some days. Wishing you the loveliest birthday my childhood friend!

This birthday celebration reminds me of the beautiful memories we shared together. You’re more than my best friend. You’re my brother! I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

We fought for one girl. That girl was the same love interest. For her, we mildly broke our friendship but the girl went for someone else. Funniest and foolish it was but entertaining it is. Hugs and wishes to you on your birthday!

You’re an incredible roommate and friend. I don’t think I could have gotten where I am today without you. Here’s to wishing you a lovely birthday and an unforgettable year ahead!


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