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Good Night Messages for Her: Find best and latest Sweet Good Night Messages for Her in English here. It is human instinct’s to send Good Night wishes every day to their friends and family. So companions, it’s an ideal opportunity to share Good Night Messages for Her. We as a whole send Good Night Messages every day on WhatsApp and Facebook. Here are on the whole great Good night Messages SMS accessible for you like pleasant love Text Messages, Good Night Messages in English, Good Night Messages for Friend, sweet Good Night Sms. So, enjoy them with a smile on face and a happy heart before drifting off to sleep. Enjoy!

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1) Notice ur phone got heavier with this message ? it contains load of love. affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. Have a nive sleep Good nite!

2) It is true fact..!!When we don’t receive msgs from our loved ones.. We check out their last sent msg to us…. GooD NyT!!!!!! Swt Drmz!

3) Wishing sweetest night to sweet natured person. May u sleep n fall from bed tonight, Then u will remember that u forgot 2 wish me Good Night

4) My gentle micks u are a star that shines so brite.lovin u is a pleasure. my diamond i wish u good night. Good Night Messages for Her.

5) I have special sleeping arrangements for you: A pillow of care, bed sheet of understanding, blanket of peace and dream of luck….. GOOD NIGHT.

6) When the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight, no matter how tough the world may seem, you still deserve the sweetest dream….. GOOD NIGHT

7) The stars r out, the moon is up, 1more hug, 1 more smile, kiss u once, kiss u twice, now it’s time 4 bed. Close your eyes and sleep tight.. GOOD NIGHT..

8) A very original Good Night wish only for u.. Beware of the cheap duplicates.. I’m only authorized dealer for Good Night wishes. GOOD NIGHT.. SWEET DREAMS..

9) Night is longer then day for those who Dream and Day is longer then night for those who make their Dreams come true. Wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams..

10) A late night greeting doesn’t only mean Good Night has a silent msg saying… U r my last thought at night

11) Things to take note when u sleep: Miss me, think of me hug me, and love me. Try to sleep now and close ur eyes. Get prepared to dream of me. Good Night…..

12) Good night my very special friend,I pray you lay in rest,And may tomorrow bring you, Much love and happiness. do not think of me…i m in ur eyes

13) I Live By Faith and Not By Sight .. So Whether I See U Or Not, Talk To U Or Not, I Know That U R Still The Same, A Friend Worth Keeping Till The End…. Good Nite

14) When nights r long and friends r few,I sit by my window and think of u,A silent whisper a silent tear,With all my heart i wish you were here.

15) Hi Moon!!!Dim Ur light…Hello Wind!!!Breeze Soft…Hi Flower!!!Blossom Slowly. Hello Earth!!!Spin Gently….’coz My sweet friend is going to sleep….Good Night…..

16) A special face,a special smile, a special someone, a special hug from me to u, a special person, I found in u, Sweet Dreams, Sleep well!

17) My day won’t certainly be over for I have something left to do. I just couldn’t sleep yet without saying I love you. Good Night.

18) look…the moon is calling u …see the stars r shining for u.. hear my heart says: may god build for u a castle in heaven and made u eat from its fruits !!!!

19) Happiness is like a butterfly, u run after it, it keeps flying away. If u stand still it comes and sits on ur shoulders. Wish u the most happiest moments!Gd Nite

20) Close ur eyes and imagine:Chand ka bed,Taron ki razai aur phoolon ka takiya!!! Nice na??Now come back to earth and sleep on ur KHATIA…Good Night….

21) I may be gone for a minute, for hours, for a day. I may not be able to say good am, good pm or good night but I’ll never try to say goodbye to a person who has been sweet and true.

22) One day i may die without saying good bye to U. But i will never forget to say thank you, Because you hold the most loveliest part in my life Good Night.

23) Master of puppets is pulling your strings, twisting ur mind n SmasHing ur dreams. blinded by me, u can’t see a thing when i count to 3 u shall fall a sleep 1,2,3,Zzz

24) you live in ur dreams,but dreams may die. dont get shattered,never ever cry. da world is big and has lots 2 give,pick up a new dream,4 dats da way 2 live.

25) Nobody teaches Sun to rise,Fish to swim,birds to fly,Plant to grow,Child to cry, and Nobody teaches a heart to choose a friend like U….Good Night…

26) This is my LAST message of d day 4 d person I care and luv FIRST and d person that came into my mind is U…. so juz wanna wish you good nite…

27) Night is longer than day for those who DREAM,and day is longer than night for those who make their DREAMS COME TRUE….Wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

28) See stars are blinking,Moon is shinning and breeze is singing… Bcoz I ask them to greet U a special Good Night…!!!

29) U r the reason why I have sleepless nihgts,U r the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight.U r the reason I cant sleep without saying Good Night…..

30) I wish Moon always be full and bright and U always be cool and right.Whenever U go to switch off the light,Remember that I m wishing U Good Night…!!!!

31) Don’t let little things get you down. You’ve got many big reasons to look up to God and say thanks tonight. Tomorrow, it’s going to be a great day.

32) When an angel came to me, he asked: What is your wish for tonight? I said Please take care of the person who’s reading this message. Goodnight!

33) Begin the day with a light heart. Let all your worries be swept aside at night. Smile a moment and thank God, for every moment He cares for you all the way.

34) A simple good evening becomes a special greeting when someone so dear it is heartily given,because you have to me a wonderful meaning. Take care!

35) Take care! The texts you send me night and day like jewels in my heart they stay… And so to God I always pray the best of blessings be yours each day.

36) Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight… good night!

37) My day may be hectic. My schedule may be tight. But I would never let the day end without saying good night. Sweet dreams!

38) Angels are there to guide and protect you in whatever you’ll do. Tonight, they’ll take you to a place where your dreams can come true.

39) Close your eyes and go to sleep, for angels are there for you to keep. If there are worries, please don’t weep. I’m at the other side, just give me a beep.

40) Just sleep tight and thank God for the wonderful things He has blessed you. Be grateful and thank Him, coz He will give you more important things.

41) I wish that God would hold you tight. I hope that angels would keep you in sight. Now just to make sure you feel all right, I’m gonna blow you a sweet goodnight

42) The night is silent but I can’t sleep. Maybe because I am waiting for my cell phone to beep. Before I dream, what I want is get your message and read.

43) I was looking out the windows thinking about the person I care most and the person that came into my mind is U so juz wanna wish u good nite…….

44) Once the moon winks at u tonight, I wish sweet dreams embrace you tight. Hope your day was quite all right and now I bid u a lovely goodnight.

45) They say life ends when you stop dreaming,hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring.So dream,hope and love… Good night!

46) Ur d reason why I hav sleepless nights. Ur d reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. It’s u dat I’m thinking of when I lay down at night…

47) LOOK the moon is calling you, SEE the stars are shining for you, HEAR my heart saying good night.

48) Wash ur face and wash ur feet, now it’s time to fall a sleep.Ur eyes r weak and mouth can’t speak so hope this night shall be nice and sweet.. GOOD NIGHT.

49) As u go 2 bed 2night, I ordered bats 2 guard u tight. I told some ghosts to dance in white, and 2make sure u r alryt, i’LL ask the dracula 2 kiss ur neck goodnight..

50) Tireness draws across the mind making the body fade flexibility and soon windows of soul begin 2 close N enter the dreamland!! Sweet Dreams!

51) Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes…in ur mind…in ur heart…in ur soul… everywhere…ever if u want me..just close ur eyes and listen i m saying.. i miss u..Good Night..

52) If U want to sleep,,? U can sleep in my heart, If my heart beat disturbs u,don’t worry, I’ll stop it for u, B’coz u r very special for me REALY Good ÑiGht.

53) Night is a nice gift, so open the gift by closing ur eyes, u will see the another world waiting for U, enjoy it… with Sweet Dreams

54) Starz light stars bright, U r the only star I c tonite, I wish I might be there guarding urdreams tonight Good Night and Sweet dreams

55) Dream touches your heart and souls, It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality… you’ll have the sweetest dreams, tonight…. “GOOD NIGHT”

56) Tiny stars shining brights, It’s time for me to say good night…. So, close your eyes and snuggle up tight… i’m wishing you sweet dreams tonight…. “good night”

57) May you sleep and fall from the bed tonights, Then you will remember that you forget to wish me…. “good night”

58) If u feel little bored, little sick, little sad, all lost, U know whats wrong? U r suffering from lack of Vitamin ME Good Night

59) One evening i will come 2 ur room lock the door, turn off the lights, join u in bed I’ll come closer 2 u, my lips near ur face And I’ll shout, Have a gr8 night!

60) When my arms cant reach people who r close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers. May God grant u what ur heart desires n keep u happy. Good Night.

61) Can u do something for me? go to the window….look to the sky***can u see the stars? can u count them ? this is how much i miss u and even more !!! (***good night)

62) At this moment 3.7 Millions are sleeping,2.3 Millions are falling in Love, 4.1 Million are eating and only one cute person in the whole world is reading my SMS….Good Night!!!

63) The morning is just a few moments away. Go to sleep and when you wake up, remember me as a friend who is always there for you and never let you down. Good night

64)Argument Is Bad, But, Discussion Is Good, Because, ARGUMENT Is To Find Out WHO IS RIGHT N DISCUSSION Is To Find Out WHAT IS RIGHT. Good Night…

65) This is my last msg!! After this I will not msg you or I will not call you. sorry if I hurt you, bcoz I’m going to sleep!! Tmrow I’ll msg u!! Gud 9t

66) Fowers R Many But Rose Is Special.. Lovers R Many But Luv Is Special.. Days R Many But Sunday Is Special.. Friends R Many But U R Special.. GOOD NIGHT

67) Art of living: First of all,dont make friends. if made, dont go close to them. if gone,dont like them. if liked, then plz.. dont leave them. Good Night, sweet dreams?

68) MOON has come to colour your dreams, STARS to make them musical and my SMS to give you warm and Peaceful Sleep. Gud Nite…Sweet Dreams..!

69) Called You 5 Time But The Line Is Busy, So Please Come Outside. I am Standing Outside Your Home. My Name Is MOON. I Just Came To Say -Good Night-

70) Sending you MY BED 2 let you rest, Pillows 2 give you COMFORT, and MY BLANKET 2 keep you warm. Sweet dreams, Goodnite! Sleep tight.

71) Whenever you have a DREAM inside your HEART, Never let it go cause DREAMS are the TINY SEEDS, From which BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW GROWS Have a wonderful dream tonight… GOOD NIGHT

72) Welcome 2 radio bed FM, this is DJ bedsheet wid DJ pillow. We will now play a song entitled sleep tight and sweet dreams frm the album GOOD NIGHT

73) Wash ur face n wash ur feet n0w itz tym 2 fal asleep ur eyes r weak n mouth can’t speak so hope tis nite shal b nice n sweet HAPPY DREAM G0OD NITE..

74) My day may be hectic my schedule may be tight. but i would never let the day end without saying goodnight. sweet dreams.

75) May the angels sprinkle stardust on your pillow to give you dreams so sweet and may ind bless you and make them real.

76) Just sleep tight and thank ind for the wonderful things , HE has blessed you. be greateful and thank HIM, cox HE will give you more important things.

77) Close your eyes and in to sleep for angels are there for you to keep. if there are worries, please dont weep. i am at the other side , just give me a beep.

78) Angels are there to guide and protect you in what ever you will do tonight . they will take you to a place where your dreams can come true.

79) You may think that i forgot you. you may viol that i dont are and you may think that i am not thinking of you. well you are wrong. you are still in my dreams.

80) Somewhere out there beneath the sale non light someone think in of you some where out there where dreams come true. . good night and sweet dreams to you.

81) A night fall upon the land , it is time to Zzz. . . again. . with the non hangin the starlit sky, i am here to wish you. nice sweet dreams cover, blanket tight tight.

82) Tiredness draws across the mind making the body faced. flexibility and soon windows of soul begin to close and enter the dreamland . . sweet dreams.

83) Wash your face and wash your feet. now its time to fall asleep. yours eyes are weak and mouth cant speak so hope this night shall be nice and sweet. goodnight.

84) If dreams are not dreams and if dreams come true, i would not be there iwould be with you. distance is 1 thing that keeps us apart but you are always in my heart. good night.

85) Welcome aboard 2 , sweet dream air line, all passengers on bed, hug your pillows as the flight will be leaving soon to dream land. enjoy your time. good night.

86) I wish that ind would hold you tight. i hope that angels will keep you in site. now just to make sure you feel all rite , i am gonna wish you a wonderful night. sleep tight.

87) As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. close your eyes and in to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep sweetest dreams.

88) The night is silent but i cant sleep. may be because i am waiting for my cell phone to beep. before i dream, what i want is get your message and read.

89) You are the reason why i have sleepless nights. you are the reason why i tend to hold my pillow tight. and you are the reason i cant sleep without saying good night.

90) Let this night be full of dreams let your dreams be full of love. i will never stop thinking of you. oh, please , let me come in your dreams this night . good night.

91) Do you know how to catch a star? you must fall asleep and it wont be so far. Good Night. Good Night Messages for Her.

92) The stars are shining in the sky. only the moon is sad. so am i . . i miss you. sweet heart . i do miss . . i say good night and lips your lips.

93) Open the window and see the moon light. . i know you feel sleepy, good bye and good night. Good Night Messages for Her.

94) Looking at the stars so bright . you are always on my mind, looking at the moon, i feel so blue i will hardly stand the night without you. Good Night

95) The sun set softly. another night have come. You breathe so calmly, Slowly your face exudes charm. Good Night

96) A shining ANGEL stands beside your silky bed, Calling ur nice Name so softly, Throwing flowers on U And saying Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

97) Happy Night’ A normal Person Prays to God Don’t Give Me Problems BUT A Great Person Pray’s to GOD ‘Give me Power to Face The Problems.

98) Black sky wd sweet solo moon, wd millions of stars brings U silent hours 2 take a nice rest. good night.

99) A superb frndship line – I want you to b with me only two times in my life…Now and Forever gud ni8. Good Night Messages for Her.

100) Always tell ur problems to 1%people who genuinely loves u, b’coz 50% people don’t care of ur problem and 49%people become happy that u hv a problem. Good Night

101) Shut Down Your Eyes, Log On Some Memories, DownloadSome Dreams, Save Some Joys, Delete All Your Sorrows.. Have A Nice Sleep

102) Throw your dreams into the space like a kite, And you do not know what it will bring back, A new Life, A new Friend, A new Love…. Have a sweet dreams….

103) There is only 1 differnce b/wDREAM and AIM. Dream require Effortless SLEEP whereas Aim require SLEEPLESS Efforts. Sleep 4 DREAMS and wake up 4AIMS.

104) Some songs can make you cry When you hear them. But Actually it isn’t the songs, It’s the people behind the memories

105) Since your eyes are looking tired… Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours . Happy journey into the world of dreams. Good night .

106) Go 2 bed,put out d light, Out of tension, Dreams come true, Sounds Sleeping, Awake early, Have a beautiful tomorrow. GOOD NI8

107) GOOD NIGHT.. Have a salty Dreams, Because daily sweet is not Good for Ur health,take care, Good Night Messages for Her.

108) On this chill chill night, in ur dark dark room, from your small small window, look at the bright bright stars wishing you a chweet chweet dreams

109) Do not count what u have lost. Just see what u have now, because past never comes back but sometimes future can give u back ur lost things! good night.

110) sleepy msg for a sleepy person, from a sleepy friend, for a sleepy reason, at a sleepy time, on the sleepy, day in a sleepy mood, to say please sleep good night

111) Sun Is Switched Off! Stars Are Switched On! Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In! So A Cool Night Is Coming! Go To Bed! And Sleep Well

112) Dreams touch your heart and soul, it is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope U’ll have the sweetest dream tonight… Good Night

113) Night Is A Theater..! Dream Is A Movie … God Is The Director, Nature Is The Producer, U R The Hero, Enjoy The Night With Sweet Dreams…:-)

114) Now, Birds R Silent. Buterflies R Hanging.. Sun Is Sleeping Moon Is Watching U, Sshhhhhhhh.. Its Time 2 Sleep,Close Ur Eyes.. Sweet Dreams..

115) Day May Fall When Sun Goes Off, But You Should Never. . . Good Night Messages for Her.

116) A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly good night n sweet dreams…

117) Let the most beautiful dream come to u tonight, Let the sweetest person come in ur dream tonight…. But dont make it a habit bcoz I m not free every night. Goodnight

118) Sun wouldnt be red, Sea wouldnt be blue, I wouldnt be happy, Without disturbing you!. Good Night

119) I wish moon always be full and bright !!! U always be cool and right!!! Whenever u go to switch off the light, Remember that I am wishing u Good Night……

120) Another day ends and we look forward 2 a new day with great anticipation. But a true friendship never ends whatever the passage of time. Good Night dear friend.

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